The Biggest I've Ever Had! Cali

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mg5771 Mar 11
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Wife Fucks BBC For Hubby. Cali is quite a hot lil slut. The angles are good but the lighting is poor. The quality of the actual video you download is sorta poor. Also the part where the obedient cuck puts down the camera to clean Cali up is false as it never happens. Save your money. There are free copies of this video that are the same resolution and are 1/2 the size and are way better quality out there. I cant believe I paid for less quality expecting the best copy of a video I already have that's way better. Just Spankbang the first sentence of this review.

Hello and thank you for your interest in our site. I am sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with the video you purchased. As it is in the name of our site, all of the videos we have are homemade. They are real videos shot of ourselves and other real cuckold couples out there. The trade off is that therefor some videos may be lower than HD and are not porn studio quality. While other sites allow us to mark a video's quality (HD or SD), ManyVids does not, and therefor we hope that the 10 second+ preview video conveys the quality of the video before you buy it. The couples send us the video as is, and with a short description of what happened and we translate that on here. While the couple used the phrase "put down the camera" to mean that he stopped filming, it seems that this could be misunderstood and therefor we changed it to "stopped filming".  We will be sending a follow up message to your profile. Thank you

paulsmall - Top reviewer Nov 10 2017
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Creampie for dinner. So lucky!

Cali and her Husband invite over a new Bull for some fun. You can tell this is an authentic homemade cuckolding video when you see the kid toys in the background and you hear how really excited the cuck is to watch his wife get fucked by some BBC! She wastes no time jumping on his dick and riding him hard on the couch. She wasn’t sure if she could handle such a huge cock but she slides it in like she has been taking them all along and bounces on it while moaning. She says quietly, still a little unsure, that she wants it deeper and the bull flips her on her back and thrusts deeply into her tight pussy. Her husband sees an opportunity as her head hangs off the edge of the sofa and has her suck him for a short time. Cali and the bull flip to doggy as she tells him to be gentle on her tight pussy. However, it isn’t long before she begs him to go harder. Unable to withstand the pounding, she sucks him for a bit to take a break before the pounding begins again in doggy. That is when the bull explodes all over her ass. She beckons her husband to come clean it off her ass and the obedient cuck puts the camera down and stops filming to obey