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I want you to cum as much as you can for me WITHOUT stopping. I want you to suffer through post orgasm and get it back up again! ---------- You are getting something different today. Something quite orgasmic. I know that you watch a lot of cum countdown and JOI videos. This time I'm going to push you over the edge. I want to see how far you can take this. I want to find out how many times you can cum by watching me tease you in my my stockings and shoes. Are you up for this challenge? Take off whatever you're wearing and just watch me turn you on. Show me what your cock can do. I bet you're aching to know how my pantyhose would feel against your dick. Go on, stroke hard and fast for me. You need to cum for me until you can't cum anymore. Stopping is never an option. You never stop EVEN if it hurts. Just use your cum as lube. Just. Keep. Stroking. For I will empty your balls and your soul