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Here Cums The Bride

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276 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Jan 28
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Simply a great bate. :)

HannibalKing Oct 28 2017
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OMG, if you want a video of the sweet innocent girl who really is not sweet and innocent, but because it's your wedding night she's all yours? this is the video for you. it's perfect. Fiona's perfect, and hot, and sexy. whew. I can't get enough.

This was originally filmed as a custom video and I use the name Maarten throughout. It's our wedding night! I'm so happy we're married at last, but before we consummate the marriage, I want to put on a show for you! So sit back and relax, husband, as I strip and show off my lingerie and body for you, then tease you by using a dildo on myself until I cum