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SlaveBC gets her face fucked hard

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2,156 5.0
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Nice action.

wow, awesome. great deepthroat, hot puking!

SlaveBC Mar 1

Hope you guys and girl like my free video! Leave a review if you have a second please! -bc

So hot and sexy!!  Love watching you both together.

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Yall are my newfound favorite! You should consider using a supported video encoder to make the file size MUCH smaller. This would give viewers the same quality, but a fraction of the file size... The HUGE file size would easily turn away some who don't have lightning fast internet speeds. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll point you in the right direction.

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They are the hottest couple to watch. Daddy is sexy and BC is beautiful. The respect they have for each other is amazing. Guaranteed to never be bored!!

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Loved the video! I thought her college comment at the beginning was funny and cute.

Stassy Jan 24
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BC shows how to treat her Daddy and never say no, beautiful and so hot, love you guys

Pumpman Dec 5
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Very sexy. Love watching her get used like this.

imoral Nov 8
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Cumshot would have been nice (or at least didn't see it) but her reactions are golden. Love BC.

After sitting at Daddy's feet while he was working on the computer, he decides that it's time to continue my throat training. He leads me by my leash to the bathroom where I think he's going to pee down my throat again, but instead he puts bondage tape over my eyes so I don't know what he is going to do. After letting me sit there, he attaches the leash to the shower door. Then he tells me to open my mouth and keep it open. I feel his cock enter my mouth and then shoved all the way down my throat. I gag and spit as he fucks my face as hard as he can. After he cums down my throat I tell him thank you and he leaves me in the bathroom until he wants to use me again. Tags: slave, collared, school girl, deepthroat, deep throat, face fuck, face fucking, collar, leash, bdsm