Your Secretary Owns U - Courtney Taylor



American / Las Vegas
8:35 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 376.89 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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You walk into your office and find uour HOT Barbie Doll Secretary Courney sitting at your desk. She tells you that she knows you are a submissive little bitch who craves being told what to do. She tells you "I decided to take what is rightfully mine." She puts her feet up on your desk and smirks at you... she knows you will do as you are told. She tells you to kiss her feet. Her shoes are dirty from walking on the floor but she doesnt care. She tells you to worship every inch of them. You try to resist but deep down this is what you always wanted... as you kiss and lick her dirty feet she informs you that you are no longer the boss. You work for her now. She turns around and sticks her ass in your face... she tells you to worship it. She tells you that she has seen you staring at this ass for a long time. She knows you will be her bitch for a chance to kiss that PERFECT ASS. She tells you to stick your tongue out and then she slowly backs her tight asshole right onto your tongue. She tells you she is going to sit on her face.. she grinds her ass on your face! In the end, she makes you service your new boss's pussy with your tongue.. she counts down while you jerk off for her. COURTNEY TAYLOR IS A PERFECT 10