Lily Captured - FemmeCocktail + FUCKED4X



American / Chicago, IL
25:49 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 904.67 MB - 960x540


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Femboi Lily was grabbed, a FEMME COCKTAIL injected into her. This made her want to become a woman and not the femboi she had always been. Lily's neighbor watched her constantly as he admired her feminine look and thought she would be a much better female than she was as a SISSYBOI. So one day, he swept into her home, threw a blanket over her and knocked her out. Shortly thereafter he injected her with the COCKTAIL which works wonders. Watch as she becomes the stunning GIRL of her dreams and his dreams. Once she is transformed he begins to train her. Lily turns out gorgeous and is soon being FUCKED BAREBACK by her captor. In this video she is FUCKED 4 times as the new trained girl. Anal masturbation with her vibrator and MOUTH FUCKING. Her FEMINIZATION TRAINING has begun. DIRECTED BY BAILEY LOVE ~ transformations by Tia Tizzianni