Slippers and MUSCULAR CALVES Stretch


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
4:56 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 194.92 MB


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5 Minutes. No talking. Another for my LEG, CALVES/CALF MUSCLE Fans!! CLIP INCLUDES: -CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -FLEXING -LEGS -MUSCULAR LEGS SLIPPERS -FOOT FETISH -SOLES -BARE FEET -HIGHLY ARCHED FEET In this clip I start from a very low angle in my FUZZY SLIPPERS (You can see the front and back of my feet while I have the slippers on) and I FLEX my MUSCULAR CALVES while outside from ALL angles while my legs are bare. I move close to the camera, Further away, Shots from the back and the front and all sides. I take off the SLIPPERS after a minute and a half into the video or so and FLEX my CALVES more. The angle of the video changes a little and is angled more upwards to show MORE of my LEGS and MUSCULAR CALVES