A Long, Hard Day

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1,172 5.0
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You’ve had a terrible day at work, but lucky for you, your sultry redhead Sonia Harcourt knows how to make you forget all about it. She’s waiting for you on the bed in a black lace body suit with matching thigh highs and satin black heels. She slides to the edge of the bed, taking out your soft cock, getting it hard in no time; he red lips look so hot against your dick as she looks up at you seductively. Her tongue slides up and down the length of your shaft, flicking and teasing, getting it good and wet for her hand. She takes your huge balls in her mouth, suckling at them greedily while she continues to stroke. She lays you down onto the bed, so you can fully relax and enjoy the show. Moaning with delight, she continues worshipping every inch of your hard cock and full balls, eager to coax that hot load from you. Once you finally burst into her mouth, she shows it off for you, licking it from her fingers and getting every last drop that fell onto your groin