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Tight Ass Stretched Till Prolapse

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Japanese / @littlesubgirlm
11,851 5.0
12:52 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 1.39 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Fill_Up12 - Top reviewer Feb 26
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Excellent close up shots. Highly recommended.

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Amazing and most beautiful performer

mteguh523 Nov 12 2017
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Amazing video, she honestly enjoys every second of it making it all the better

So you love anal prolapse? She has the best one! It`s juicy and fresh! She prolapses her asshole as hard as she can. She pushes until her pussy even starts to prolapse! She let her ass relax before she starts again and do even better this time! Her pussy even opens up on its own from the pressure! You hear her grunting as she tries to push so hard! She keeps spreading her ass while she pushes. She gets in even closer this time as you watch her prolapse again! She zooms in to extreme close up to prolapse some more! You can really see her pussy move and prolapse at this angle! She even pee from pushing so hard! She put 4 fingers inside her ass and stretch it as wide as she can! She holds it there as long as she can. You see the red inner muscle bulging out like she has never done before! Then she fingers fucks her prolapse and make juicy noises! Includes: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, young, petite, tight asses, teens, long hair, anal masturbation, anal play, anal fuck, ass, asshole, pussy spreading, ass spreading, anal stretching, pussy stretching, finger fucking, gape, gaping, prolapse, extreme close up, close ups, legs, [DSLR Camera], [1080px