Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Pink Pleasure Puppet Programming

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American / New York
1,287 5.0
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Kandi comes to The Doll House so pretty in pink latex and eager to learn how to become our pleasing little puppet. With a new name and a new face, she's ready for Bunni and I to get under that hood and retool her pretty pink mind for the ultimate pleasure. I start by turning on the binaurals, which I condition my dolls to listen to and soften up their bimbo bubble brains. As soon as I start talking, Kandi is under control and the slutty little sex toy is ready to be transformed into a useful doll. With Bunni pulling her strings in black rubber, Kandi learns how to suck and fuck and play and obey like a good plastic play thing, stuffing her silly mouth, repeating our mantras and rubbing her little doll cunt until she's edged out of her melted mind. Ready and willing to do whatever we'd like, I guide fembot Kandi right to the brink of an brain breaking orgasm, before stopping the silly sex puppet dead in her tracks. Frozen in place and completely under control, the mindless slave doll now knows her orgasm belongs to us to do with as we see fit. Stupid little toys doing get to own things. They get owned at The Doll House. Video in full 1920 x 1080 HD