Whispers of an Angel ASMR Masturbation



American / East Coast
7:23 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 361.37 MB


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Angel Ali has come to seduce you with her soft voice and magical wand. The whispers of an angel will tickle your ears and the sound of her magical wand against her outfit and skin will send tingles up your spine. Get spell bound by her sparkly eyes and she takes out her perky tits to run the wand across her delicate flesh and hard nipples. Her soft moans and the sound of the magical wand will surely get you rock hard. Want to see more? Of course you do. a flash of a bright light and you see her lovely pink pussy open and eager to be played with. She slides in vibrator inside as she runs the wand up and down her thighs and teases her clit. Her soft moans of excitement increase the more the angel pleases herself. In the end, the angel is adorned with sparkles as she cums from her toy. Hope you enjoyed an angelic experiences of the senses