Police test by tasting cum POV BJ

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1,276 5.0
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LuderChris - Top reviewer May 29
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This is so so so hot! I cannot stress it enough. This video is truly a gem. The police costume, the red lips and role play creates some true art.

porkdog - Top reviewer Oct 28
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She's thick and a freak. Need more of those here honestly.

Officer Annabelle is substance testing a suspect because he has been convicted of producing and smuggling a substance called 'X'. This type of substance does not show up in urine but ONLY cum. Which is where Annabelle the oral specialist comes in to examine and suck the cock of the criminal until he cums in her mouth. From the taste of his sperm she is able to tell if he has himself done the substance. The suspect is resistant to cum in her mouth. But to her surprise the substance is not in his system and his big hard cock was full of only a huge load of sperm. POV blowjob with cum shot in mouth and drooling cum on tits