Imposed Male Orgasm Trick Tie Up Hubby

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A guy is watching TV when his wife comes into the room to talk to him. She wants to try something on him that she talked to her friend about and she thinks this might help with his fertility. He says he is over the subject but agrees to try out what his wife has in mind. She tells him to smell a perfume as it is supposed to be a mighty aphrodisiac. He does and it does little for him. She then takes off a stocking and puts the solution on it having him inhale it deeply. Still not much. Her other stocking comes off but she uses a different bottle without him knowing. She then does some hand over mouth and this concoction puts him out in a hurry. She is now ready to get his sperm sample via imposed male orgasm. Next he is seen naked on the bed and his hands and legs are tied to the bed with stockings. He comes around and starts to struggle and his wife tells him she is going to get the sperm sample she wants. She starts to give him a handjob as he struggles and when his movement gets to be too much for her liking, she uses more of the concoction on her stocking and does more hand over mouth to put him out again. She does this each time he comes around and protests. She even sticks the stocking in her shoe once and holds that over his face. In no time at all he is ready to cum. He is barely with it when he cums big time and she catches every last drop in a cup. She then looks at the consistency of the cum and is pleased. She does on more hand over mouth action and puts him out once more. She tells him to rest while she goes to get his sperm tested and that she will be back later to let him loose. She leaves with the sperm in the cup and a victorious smile on her face thanks to the imposed male orgasm she just got out of her husband. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, Hand Over Mouth, Handjob, FMO, CMO, Imposed Orgasm, Stockings, Wife FMO, Tied Up, Struggling, Sperm Sample, Femdom, Blonde Wife, Blondes