Anal Fucked By Intruder


Danielle Maye XXX

British / London
25:50 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 1.57 GB - 1920x1080 HD
You are in your bedroom working out - dressed in sexy gym clothes with cotton socks You do a few final sets of some exercises that show off your tight glutes etc.. (lunges, squats, anything else you can think of ) all of a sudden the door bursts open and a masked burgular with a bag enters. He tells you not to say a word as he has friends waiting outside that are armed. He tells you to get down on the ground face down and in the meantime he pulls out a gag and tie and gags your mouth and ties your arms before throwing you on the bed and telling you to stay quiet while he finishes taking what he needs and then he'll be out of your way. He starts taking a few items and sees you wriggling around on the bed struggling to break free. He realises how hot and toned you are and rubs his cock through his trousers. He takes out his phone and dials it pretending to call his friend outside. He tells his mate he'll be 20 minutes as there is one last thing he wants to do before he leaves the house. He tells his mate to call him right away if any sign of the police. He puts the phone down .. you realise what is about to happen and try a muffled call for help but he comes up to you and tells you you are to obey evrything he asks you to do cause if he senses you aren't he will be leaving the house and taking you with him in his van. Realising you have no choice you nod. He then gets to work on you. Scene 2 - He takes off his mask and makes you promise never to reveal his identity or he'll be back. He starts with your feet slowly removing the cotton socks - he tickles the soles, licks them and tickles them more. He undresses and spins you around face up getting you to give him a foot job until his dick is hard. - He unties your arms and removes your gag telling you not to move - you are face down and he slides down slowly your bottoms revealing your firm glutes which he kisses and spanks hard before rimming you. you try to tell him to stop but it starts to feel so good and you moan a little in pleasure. He slides his finger and thumb in and uses them to penetrate your bum before getting you to taste it - He then flips you round and works on your pussy. you again tell him to stop and beg him not to carry on but he does and while he licks your pussy and uses his fingers you again give in to the pleasure until you cum loudly - you get into 69 and suck his cock while he continues to work on your pussy - You have given in now and he tries to kiss you - at first you pull away .. he reminds you again what will happen if you don't listen then you reciprocate - He kisses you passionately and thrusts his cock into you in missionary banging away. He picks you up and carries you to the wall where he continues to fuck you while pinned against the wall - He brings you down and fucks you in standing doggy before tossing you back onto the bed and getting you to ride him both ways while he plays with the soles of your feet - He then tells you to get the lube.. lubes up his cock and gets you to bend over before putting his hard cock into your ass. you moan in pain and pleasure and beg him not to be rough but he fucks you hard and fast and soon you are enjoying it. - he fucks you in lots of positions up the ass and then gets you to give him a foot job before finishing on your feet - Once he is done he quickly ties you up and gags you reminding you not to say a word of this to anyone otherwise they will be back. Realising what has just happened you pretent to sob as the scene ends