Good Morning, Morning Wood


Penny Plush

American / Caprica City
12:45 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 749.43 MB


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The alarm went off a while ago, and I've just been laying here with him, neither one of us wanting to get out of bed. Then I saw someone else "wake up". Who can resist a good morning wood? I snuggle over to him, give his cock a few kisses and licks, then we both get nude and cuddle as I fondle his balls, suck and lick his cock, and enjoy his hard morning erection. After a bit of that, I give him a nice hand job as we wake up and start getting ready to get out of bed. He plays with my nipples and we both feel so good. When he's about to cum, I wrap my lips around the head and swallow down his cum so we can get up and start our day! The video ends with a nice view of my big BBW body and belly rolls resting on his thin, fit frame. Very Candid, Very spur of the moment, and Very Amateur