Freebie Tuesday

Fat Ivy Fills up the Tub

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372 5.0
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kag715 Dec 28
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All of Ivy's sexy body is on full display. Every curve, roll, bounce and jiggle of her boobs, belly and booty get your attention in this one.

i couldnt wait to use my pink lush bath bomb. i fill up the tub with nice hot water and let the bath bomb soak. once i get in the water rises to the tub from the weight of my fat body. i shake and jiggle to the music making the water splash around. it feels so good i start to tease my fat pussy in the water and move around showing you all angles of my fat. im so big i barely fit in the tub and its so hard to move and splash around but i have so much fun! once i get out i dry off my body and the steam fogs the camera giving you a tease. TAGS: belly play, belly button fetish. underwater, belly rolls, back rolls, fat thighs, thick, big tits, big ass, lush, bathbomb, bathtub masturbation
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