Huge POV Facial and Behind The Scenes



American / Tempe, AZ
8:40 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 258.04 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Fun Fun Fun with Daniela … this total newb has to be one of the best POV and Behind the Scenes video to date. Her personality and BTS makes for one fantastic video. As you know if you saw her premiere update Daniela has so much personality and this 21-year-old has a shy but dirty personality and the combination is fantastic. She sucks, she gets fingered, she pukes, she cums and she giggles having a fantastic time through all 7 (only 1 in this MV video) facials. Daniela was determined to go deep throat on BBC and she pukes in the process but she goes right back to sucking dick without missing a beat. She definitely achieved her goal! And what until you see her completely cracking up laughing after the shoot when she looks at herself in the mirror. Don’t miss this POV and BTS update where Daniela gets 7 (only 1 in this MV video) super messy facials