JOI from your teen daughter

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My first JOI video, I'm extremely interested in this, since i found what does JOi mean few days ago.* (story for you to get the plot clearer)...I'm lying in on the sofa in the living room, really horny and decide to get a quick sofa hump by watching porn on my phone, but daddy walks in on me... I'm pretending nothing happened, but I'm still so horny... I remember one time then mom was away and we watched a "Lolita" movie with daddy, and he touched my pussy, coz we were so horny after watching it... but we just never talk about it, just pretended it never happened... but after that you can always feel the tension between us... so, I can take it anymore, I convince you to pull out your cock and we will masturbate together... I might be still a virgin, but I know what I like, daddy... Cover your cock in pre-cum for me! DADDY,PLEASE...WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES. Coz I'm talking in the way like where is somebody else in the house