Reya & Dakota Charms Tickle Alora Jaymes



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Alora Jaymes has been tickled before, but she's never experienced anything quite like the Reya Fet treatment! She warned ahead of time by her friend, Dakota Charms (who is holding the camera and commenting and giggling and helping with the tickling in this video) but Alora said, "Oh, I'm sure I'll be fine". Ha! When Reya Fet tickles (as you all know) she doesn't mess around! She is thorough and has excellent technique (through many years of experience) and she doesn't hold back when she finds a great spot to torment. Alora is a pretty strong and lithe lady and though tied down well, she fights against her spread eagle position ALOT! No worries, Reya just sits on her and uses her body weight to help restrain her victim. Alora pops her head up alot, laughing and screaming and protesting that she's too ticklish and she can't take anymore. You can tell that she genuinely didn't know what she was in for. Reya tickle attacks her underarms, her sides, her belly, her inner thighs, her knees, etc. and tickles each foot with fingers and an electric toothbrush. Poor Alora! She even uses Alora's own hair to tickle her armpit with, hehe, and Alora is soo ticklish! Dakota is clearly having a great time filming and joins in on the fun. After all, she has two hands and can use one to hold the camera and one to help tickle Alora. Her comments and gasps are classic Dakota. This is a must-see for fans of these ladies and fans of tickling. Enjoy