Dancing to Lure you into My Room


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
5:40 min - Oct 28 - .MP4 - 452.02 MB


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I dance to entrance you. I am a Goddess in pink lace panties and thigh high stockings, dancing in My hallway for you. you try to come closer, you creep so close and I tease you with eery move, you can see dust in the lights on My black nylons and My feet and I wriggle My ass in your face and lower it down teasing you, rubbing My hands over My tits and my long beautiful body, long hair. I come close, crawling down to you, look you deep in the eyes, I hae you under a heavy spell. My erotic dancing sedates you, you become weak and submissive and so turned on. I make your cock throb and you have My complete permission to kneel there on My dusty floor in the hallway to My bedroom while I dance and tease you with My entire body, armpits, legs, feet, eyes, everything- you may kneel there and stroke it for Me slave boy, cum for your entrancing dancing dark Goddess! (ft: goddess worship, erotic dancing, dancing, thigh hi's, foot fetish, tit worship, ass worship, mesmerize, mindfuck, eye-fuck, cocktease, pink panties, fetish, femdom pov, armpit worship, body worship, tall goddess, asmr, long legs, ass, ass shaking, teasing