Thing Gives Little Wednesday A Hand

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American / Mordor
3,529 5.0
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kotora Nov 13 2017
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Wednesday is one of my favorite cosplays, so watching you push Thing deep inside your bum was a real treat. Perfect choice of panties for the scene, and love the black stockings with garters. So good, nice job.

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Great video. Her booty looks amazing in those panties and she’s beautiful as always. Nice anal

OddSpex - Top reviewer Nov 27 2017
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Great and unique cosplay vid. Short and sweet. If you want something different in your anal masturbation then this is the vid for you.

Little Wednesday gets curious with anal and gets some help from a friend. Thing helps Wednesday with some anal practice from multiple positions. He glides with ease and makes me feel amazing as I finger myself with his full hand in my ass. I finish off with some fun bouncing to help get the entire hand as deep as I can, I just love the stuffed sensation! A fun take on an old classic