Addicted to my hate, I feel shame of you



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It has been a while without verbally humiliating you and I fancy some mockery today, it is so good for my skin! You have become a miserable, self-hating fat lonely loser addicted to my hate. Look at me and look at you: I am a strong, confident, superior woman to be worshipped. I only can look down at you kneeling naked, stroking your tiny cock. I can´t barely see it from up here! All these years of femdom porn and humiliation clips have taken a toll on your pathetic mind. You are fucked up, warped, destroyed by my humiliation. The only way possible for you to cum is through my cruel, hurtful words, my ultimate pathetic pervert. You are fat, stupid, ugly, and alone masturbating to me. There is no way to break free, too far down the rabbit hole of self hate. I love this so much! You only can feel miserable as you stroke. You will never stick your small, pathetic penis in a woman. You will never lick a woman's pussy. No woman would ever want your fat ugly body near them. You will spend the rest of your life stroking all alone to my hate and disgust for you. I and all women completely reject you. I am the only woman in your pathetic life. But this is only the first of many clips. You will become completely addicted to my hate and verbsal abbuse. It will be never ending. I will completely destroy you. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you need my verbal humiliation the same as you need water to live. HIGHLIGHTED: my hate grows as the clip goes on... INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW