Dakota Charms Belly Ache MP4

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Dakota Charms lies in a sexy halter top &  spandex shorts. Awakening & sighing in discomfort, her hands go to her tummy. Arching, she tries to find a position that makes her feel better. Both hands clasp her belly before she lowers her shorts and rolls around the bed in frustration. Her nails to stretch her belly button apart and she groans in agony. Poking and prodding reddens her skin and her screams alternate with heavy breathing. She digs her hands in deeper to make a valley in her belly. <BR><BR>  Sitting and standing, she stretches and yanks on her navel trying to get closer to the source of grief. Her hands are enveloped by the sexy flesh as she creates a cave in her stomach. <BR><BR> Time to see a doctor! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- , damsel in distress, spandex, workout clothes, DID, brunettes, all natural, multicolored nails