Succubus Suck and Ride



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Is this a dream? You're unsure. Last you remembered, you were lying in bed "counting sheep" hoping to drift off. You thought you finally had, but there's this creature standing over you. A woman, but also not quite. There's something about her you can't quite figure out. And you don't have the time to dwell on it too long because, before you know it, she's got her seductive lips wrapped around your cock. You feel as if you've left your body, standing on the outside of yourself and watching this creature hungrily suck your cock. You're not entirely sure what's happening, how it's happening, if it's even real. You even feel like your life energy is being drained....but you don't care. This beautiful creature is pleasuring you with all of her holes, and it's the most amazing you've ever felt...even if she is sucking out your soul in the process