We Can Have Some Fun Too, Right

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Omg what are you doing! I just need to talk to you about something.. I saw some pictures on your phone Why were you going thru my phone? What did you see?! I saw those pictures with you and your brother... are you guys having sex? No we're not! You shouldn't be looking at my phone dad! Listen... I won't tell your mother about what I saw... If you and I can have some fun too What? No way, you're my step dad! So? He's your brother! If you do this for me, no one will know a thing.. Mom won't find out? She won't know a thing, I promise Watch my nervous daughter take her step-dads big cock.. She knows she made a mistake fucking her own brother, and if she wants to keep that a secret, my step-daughter will have to ride me to keep my mouth shut! I pull out just in time and spray my load all over her pretty pink pussy lips