Mistress lays down your duties

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by the end of the instruction you will have become a piece of furniture in Hayden's house - a Human Urinal! ...loving every moment of it! [Requested Video] Theatrical tagline could be:"Hide your sons! After interning in Mistress Pavlov's estate no one has ever returned!" :D (lol those stupid peasants think that they have any recourse against Mistress Pavlov (maybe it should be Baroness - Baroness Pavlov?) I will rip their families apart whenever I'll want some new decorations for my house - some nice new human furniture :) And there is nothing they can do!) Def among my proudest creations :) My evil/slutty face and meaty dick makes a great combination! *POV facetime with me with some deep eye contact (tbh it borders on downright intimidating but I think this is good for brainwashing novice house servants into human urinals *bunch of "cock reveals" (when shorts/panties are slowly pulled down and erect cock suddenly springs out) *one of the BIGGEST juiciest ejaculations in recent times (8 shots, I actually had to take a double take, I was like "ok 6...7...8..., no wait that's too much, I must have messed up..." lol) It's like a multi-tiered pop - the anticipation before erect cock pops out of elastic panties is exciting but then u remember that the cock itself hasn't popped, so it's like 2-level pop