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Fort Lauderdale Lust with Serena Hill SD

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I've been in Fort Lauderdale the past few days. I had to run some errands today and wow how time flew by. Before I knew it, the sun was going down, it was getting dark and I had a hottie waiting for me! We chatted on the phone and couldn't wait to see what surprises she had in store for me. I got back just after dark and looks like while I was gone, Serena had decided to enjoy herself. There she was laying in bed looking sexy in her pigtails. She didn't hear me when I came home so I decided to be sneaky and watch her from around the corner. When I turned the corner to watch her I noticed she was watching porn on her phone and playing with herself. Did it turn me on? Yes! I walked over to the bed as she as she put down her phone. As soon as my pants were off she started sucking my cock until I was rock hard, she played with my balls and sucked them. The ball sucking felt wonderful! She would suck on the sack while jacking my member, if only this evening could last forever! I couldn't stop looking into her deep brown eyes while I exploded in her hands. She was surprised as she watched the cum erupt from my cock. It flowed down my shaft and her hands as she graciously licked up my messy cum surprise!

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