Breath Of Fresh Ass



Nigerian / Candyland
6:16 min - Oct 28 - .MP4 - 241.37 MB


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HD - Come, roll up, and cum again as I get lit and relaxed. Twisting these relaxed hips, this skinny waist bent forward, booty just jiggling up a storm. Moaning and spreading my cheeks as I puff my joint, makes you forget your troubles. This extra tight button clenching and calling you in. I lick my beautiful brown lips and wink my eye, but its my beauty-hole winking that's got you taken. Smacking my ass with every jiggle, then spreading it wider, and bending forward a little more. Front row visions of how you're gonna bust and where :)   THIS CLIP ALSO NEEDS A CUP OF PUSSY AS THE BEST PART OF WAKING UP: ASS WORSHIP - MOANING - ASS SPREADING - SMOING FETISH - ASSHOLE FETSH - DIRTY TALK - ASS SMACKING - BEAUTYHOLE WINKING