CUSTOM: Bunz O' Fun



Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - Being my care-free fine self in a tight lit dress that gives you this mean ass to waist ratio on a platter. Booty clapping, spreading cheeks and all. I tell you how to thumb the head of that cock until I'm ready to Cum Count you down. Until then, be silenced by this gifted booty clapping. Lifting my dress spreading it wide open, I moan and smack my cheeks. Jiggling and twerking stretching this tight dress' limits is setting off a chain of events for your manhood. Eventually, I peel out of my skin tight number to give you flawless bare skin. This is when the pre-cummage begins and my teasing ends. Time to prep you for that cum countdown, lets hope you survive the winking along the way. :)   THIS CLIP ALSO INCLUDES BOOTY BERY WAFFLES FOR: ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS SPREADING - MOANING - CUM COUNTDOWN - ASS SMACKING -  BOOTY CLAPPING - DIRTY TALK -  STRIP TEASE