Beach ball challange


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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It sure is hot out today! Vicky is hanging by the pool with her sexy friend Allura. These two Goddesses look great in their tiny two-piece bikinis! They love to show off their tan skin and toned tummies. Allura is almost popping out of her top! There are two inflatable beach balls on the table. They decide see who can blow them up the fastest! These two Goddesses sure know how to blow good! Indulge yourself at the sight of Goddess Allura wrapping her pink lips around the inflatable plastic. Watch as Vicky sucks in air and uses her cute little mouth to blow up her beach ball. I bet you’re ready for a treat! They decide to challenge each other again and see who can deflate their ball the fastest by bouncing and sitting on them. The beach balls are nice and round and the Girls take their turn bouncing up and down on them! It looks so good watching their cute tits and tight asses moving up and down! Don’t you wish you were invited to the Pool party