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OMG! Naked Delivery - Public

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1,409 4.9
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I really wonder how I would have reacted.

Cowboy4u Nov 16 2017

Well I have to say that you have nerves of steel dear, and I'm betting that was one happy pizza guy

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This has to be one of the all-time great camgirl videos! It is still talked about to this day!!

joe8cam Jun 17
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Necesita ayuda?. Hahahaha. An attractive woman. Some pizza. Sounds like a great combination.

Cman4523 Mar 23
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Lucky bastard lol...but all joking aside...that took alot of courage and not giving af attitude...nice job.

MetalCelt - Top reviewer Jan 12
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Loved it. It takes balls to do that and she looks great doing it. I only wish I could understand the conversation.

ImBigAndWide Nov 9 2017
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This is girl is crazy hahaha, but I like it!

iheartana Nov 4 2017
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i love it. funny, sexy, and crazy

AnastaxiaLynn Nov 4 2017

Thank you so much! :D

brainardman91 Nov 1 2017
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WOW, stunning body and that guy will have a damn good story when he gets back to the store!

AnastaxiaLynn Nov 1 2017

Thank you so much for your review! Please check your inbox :D

This is my very very very first PUBLIC nudity video EVER! I promised if someone leaves a big tip offline on my camroom I would do a crazy thing... and someone did it! So... I'm getting this pizza totally NAKED! Wanna see how the guy reacted? **This vid is not included in my membership
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Colombian / Colombia