Charlee loves licking


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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You just love to watch two girls getting each other off while belly worshiping don’t you? Well Vicky  has a special treat for you today. She is relaxing on her bed wearing nothing but a matching pair of lace bra and panties and an expensive pearl necklace adds a classy touch. Vicky looks so enticing. She absolutely oozes sexual energy in this clip. Charlee Chase enters the scene crawling on all fours. Charlee is a smoking hot brunette and she is ready for some one-on-one girl time. This sizzling hot brunette loves to run her warm wet tongue all over Vicky and her beautiful belly. Vicky has a sexy flat toned tummy and Charlee gets right down to business licking and teasing with her mouth until Vicky is moaning with pleasure