Gia and Vickys smoking debate

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VV Fetish and Femdom

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22 5.0
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bstzaa Dec 30
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I'd love to like vaping more, but unfortunately it's mostly just smoking that I like. You make great points about why vaping should be the same, or better, but if fetishes followed logic I wouldn't have a smoking fetish to begin with.

Either way, great concept for a video and it came out well. Thanks guys.

You’re in for a treat! This smoking fetish clip is so hot! Goddess Vicky Vixxx joins Gia Love on the couch and they are having a little debate. What looks more pleasing to the eye? Real cigarettes or electronic cigarettes? Vicky looks so hot in her little blue slip! Her hair is up in a ponytail and her long toned legs are on display just for you! Have a look at her bare feet as she toys with a real cigarette! Gia has a great pair of tits which are squeezed into a little white bra and she isn’t wearing anything else but a matching pair of tiny white panties! Vicky lights up her cigarette and begins to puff away! She looks great with a real cigarette carefully placed between her feminine fingers! Gia takes a nice long drag of her e-cigarette and lets out a big plume of thick sexy smoke! Pay attention to the cool blue cherry! These two sexy ladies are relaxing in their lingerie and enjoying a smoke! Are you paying attention to their debate or are you just stroking your cock as these two Goddesses puff away? We want to hear your feedback! Which is better for you? Real cigarettes or E-Cigarettes