GiGi and Alexis beat you up


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
7:55 min - Nov 01 - .MP4 - 338.63 MB


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Alexis and MILF GiGi are getting ready to stretch! MILF GiGi looks great in her spandex yoga pants. Alexis is looking sexy in a tiny pair of black shorts and a pink pushup bra. These two divine Goddesses are ready to break a sweat! Look at you loser! You’re so pathetic compared to these two toned Goddesses! What are you doing with yourself? Are you sitting on the floor watching these two hot Goddesses get a workout? They take turns humiliating you while they stretch! I bet your little dick is getting nice and hard watching these two Goddesses move their bodies. You’d better get to moving right now! MILF GiGi has a better idea for your lazy ass! She is really going to bust your balls! MILF GiGi and Alexis take turns punching and kicking you like a pathetic human punching bag! Get up and get to work! It’s time to get in shape loser! MILF GiGi and Alexis are going to put you through the paces