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Vicky uses magic on her mom


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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MILF GiGi looks great in a skin-tight red dress! Look at those matching hot red heels! This thigh-high red dress is so tight and tiny that you can see right up her skirt! MILF GiGi is a concerned mom. She has something to say about the way her daughter Vicky Vixxx has been dressing lately! She looks like a slut! There is no way GiGi is going to let her daughter out of the house dressed like that! Vicky has another idea. She has a magic remote that is going to make her mother do exactly as she says! What a naughty daughter she is! Vicky puts the magic remote to work and makes her mom suck on a nice juicy plastic cock! She humiliates her mom by taking photos of her in a compromising position! Vicky takes full control of the magic remote and has her mother lifting up her skirt and touching herself! GiGi is such a slutty mom! Vicky loves humiliating her mother and her bratty ass is in for a spanking! GiGi snaps out of her daze and is ready to discipline her daughter! Vicky has one more trick up her sleeve. She uses the magic remote to bend her mother over! Now look who's getting the spanking! Looks like Vicky is going to do whatever she wants and her mom GiGi can’t do anything about it