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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - We're video chatting, I'm laid up in a t-shirt and thong,  with a bright white smile to match. As we flirt, you can't help but notice my firm nipples under the crisp white tee that I'm wearing. You ask me to take it off, and I dare you to show me what you've got first. As you pull your boxer briefs down I turn around and bend forward. This fat ass is mesmerizing you. I start talking nasty, and being bossy with how you pleasure yourself. You love it. I'm watching you stroke as I rub my pussy through my panties and bounce my ass. The loud smacks make up dick jump in your hand. I take my top off to revealing my pretty brown tiddys, my thong comes down soon after. Moans slips from my lips, my eyes are glancing back at you to make sure you're following my instructions. I bend All the way over and spread the sweet cheeks wide, all the while fucking up your whole world from your screen. As I moan and wink you stroke faster, it's driving you crazy. How much longer will you hold out depends completely upon my allowance. Just keep the dick up and I'll let you know when you're ready to cum :)   THIS CLIP ALSO PUTS YOUR FINE AUNTIE'S ENTIE ASS IN HER FAMOUS SWEET POTATO PIT FOR: ASS WORSHIP - ASS SPREADING - ASSHOLE FETISH - BOOTYHOLE WINKING - MOANING  - JOI - ASS SMACKING - THONG FETISH - T-SHIRT & PANTIES