Jordana's secret wedgie obsession


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
8:34 min - Nov 17 - .MP4 - 366.53 MB


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Jordana Leigh has had a really long night. She comes stumbling into the house in a tight one-piece dress. She looks so hot after a night out! I bet every guy at the club would love to fuck her! They will never know her secret fetish! Jordana lifts up her skirt to reveal a pair of white cotton granny-panties. Jordana has a secret wedgie fetish! She gets in the mood by pulling her cotton panties tight around her ass! She loves to feel the fabric riding up her ass! She love to pull her panties hard and tight right into her ass and all around her clit! Jordana is bent over with her cotton panties pulled up into her ass real good. Jordana is getting so hot and bothered that she needs to slip out of her bra. Look at those gorgeous all natural tits! Jordana is topless now and she continues getting herself off with her wedgie fetish! She is pulling those cotton panties tight around her pussy! She loves to feel the fabric pulling up around her ass! That tight cotton riding up her ass gets her so wet and horny