Vickys mom steals her clothes


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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Vicky Vixxx is pissed to find her mom Leilani Lei trying on her clothes! What kind of mom does that kind of thing! Leilani looks like a total slut dressed in her daughter’s tiny black skirt and tight red top! Vicky argues with her mom like a typical bratty teenager but she isn’t getting anywhere!  Vicky is such a naughty little brat! She knows exactly what to do! She pulls out the magic remote and freezes her mom into a statue! Leilani is totally stiff and her daughter Vicky is ready to take advantage! Vicky removes her mother’s top before unfreezing her. While unfrozen Leilani still refuses to give her daughters clothes back even though she is embarrassed to be undressed in front of her,  Vicky freezes her again then she removes her mother’s skirt! What a terrible daughter Vicky is! Her mom is wearing her bra and panties too! Looks like those will have to come off next! Vicky freezes and unfreezes her mom after taking off each article of clothing but her mom still makes Vicky freeze her and remove the clothes herself. Vicky finally freezes her mom totally naked and lays her on the bed. Vicky plans to unfreeze her in front of her friends so maybe she will think harder next time about borrowing her daughter's clothing