bound and breasts harnessed milked HD

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562 5.0
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Jude Ryan - Top reviewer Oct 2
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Love a good mix of pain and pleasure.

cajun38 - Top reviewer Dec 3 2017
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As good as advertised great work hot

Sally bound and breasts put in cupcake harness and milked - HD 1080p 60fps Video - Sally really got herself in it this time. For this Halloween special Sally starts off with her wrists securely bound behind her back. Mr Anon guides her to face forward and slowly reaches for rope. He begins binding her giant milky breasts in red and black rope. Sally’s breast tissue is slowly bunched and pushed forward as he wraps the rope around and around. Her veins start to show and her nipples instantly start to swell. He moves to the other breast slowly wrapping and restraining. Sally’s milky tits are swollen and sensitive as he begins to play with her nipples and squeeze milk. Sally moans in painful pleasure as she grows increasingly sensitive and he squeezes harder and harder causing a letdown and making multiple streams of milk. This bound and subservient Sally is not one to miss. ------Key words: couple dripping milk front view huge boobs milk moaning spraying milk squirting milk