Spell of Eternal Sexual Slavery



American / Portland, OR
14:21 min - Oct 28 - .MP4 - 404.28 MB


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I call upon the powers of the universe and cast a powerful spell over any who dare watch this video. Channeling the divine feminine through the sacred vessel of my perfect body and using ancient symbols of the Dark Arts to focus my magic energy through the audio-video medium, my spell is cast. Using the life- energy of your own orgasm to seal the spell, your cum will be the final sacrifice on my Altar. Occult themed, with occult symbolism and real black magic spells flashing, musical sountrack and audio effects. Contains: magic, sex magic, magick, spell casting, ritual, femdom, female domination, role play, witch, witchcraft, witches, gypsy queen, fantasy, robo, mindfuck, brainwashing, mesmerize, special effects, spells, religious, ASMR, voice, special effects, occult symbols, strip tease, bra, breasts, nipples, lingerie, long hair, body worship, orgasm control, cock tease, masks, Halloween, Goddess Kyaa