Punish Mom With Your Cum

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I am your mom and your dad is a very successful business man who is often away for work. You've noticed something odd going on with me, so you do your own investigation and found out that I am prostituting myself out when Dad's gone on business. One day, you decide to approach me as I arrive home all dressed up like the whore that I am. I try to sneak in quietly but it didn't work. I try to deny everything but after all of your evidence I admit everything and beg you not to tell Dad. I racked up so much debt and as a stay at home wife, this is the only way I can pay it off. You tell me that I deserve to be punished and humiliated with your cum. If I submit to you, then you will keep my secret and you offer to pay me money with every cum shot. I can't believe my own son is black mailing me like this, but I reluctantly agree- you've given me no other choice! You have put several lingerie on my bed- I must go in there with you to be punished for being a whore for a mother. First, you tell me to get on my knees and you cum on me. Then I must change into each lingerie set that you put on my bed. Each time, you cum on me it builds up and every time you cum more. For the last 2 you tell me to jerk you off, and with the last one I notice your balls getting so HUGE until it explodes with extreme cum all over me. I struggle with all of you cum all over my hair, face and body- which you enjoy and let me struggle mercilessly. * Note: although I change into several different lingerie there's no actually nudity.

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