Freebie Tuesday

18YO Ava Transformed FUCKED NON-STOP

1,211 5.0

Tia Tizzianni

American / Chicago, IL
1,211 5.0
30:59 min - Oct 28 - .MP4 - 1.78 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Ava's first Transformation Session with her actual Daddy at The Sissy Institute.

Ava is 18YO and very petite. She long knew her neighbor admired her sissyboi look and petite femme body. It didn't hurt their distant relationship that Ava loved to show off her lil feminine body and tease him. One day he finally asked, "would you be interested in being my feminine lil GF if I transform you?" Ava couldn't get over to his place fast enough. Watch once she is transformed she immediately goes down on his COCK in a super WET BLOWJOB. Soon her new Daddy is ROCK HARD and he is slipping his COCK deep inside of her BAREBACK. He FUCKS her on her BACK on her SIDE, DOGGY STYLE and in BONDAGE. BUT----you have to check out him SHOOTING A MASSIVE LOAD INTO her MOUTH and JAMMING HIS COCK DEEP INTO HER THROAT. THE CUM LOAD IS MASSIVE!! 30 minutes of NON-STOP action for the price of 20 minutes. DEAL!!!!! ~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ directed by Tia Tizzianni