Fetish trichophilia: love for hair

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162 5.0
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It’s nice watching her in the shower. I didn’t realize how gorgeous her hair was, It’s really nice. Her boobs are perfect, as always.

NotADolphin2 deleted Apr 6
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Weird but good

hahaha It's not weird! It's fun, my hair is very sexy !! :black_is_the_new_black::black_is_the_new_black:

This video is for those who love hair - Fetish - This video includes, long hair, wet hair (shower) wet hair, hairstyle, hair loss, boobs !! The tricofilia or fetichismo of the hair, is a parafilia in which the sexual excitement is reached by the interaction with the human hair, especially the one of the head. The manifestations can go from kissing the head of a person to the excitation to observe the hair or how it is groomed