Motivation from your Pantyhose-Clad Boss

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Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
386 5.0
16:19 min - Oct 30 - .MOV - 973.49 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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PantyhoseAddict71 - Top reviewer Dec 30
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This clip shows what motivation-by-boss means. As so often, I really love her legs and feet in pantyhose. Thank you!

Oh dear, you seem so unmotivated since I blackmailed you into giving me your life savings. Your sales record is slipping, and the ladies in the office have noticed the way in which you no longer seem interested in their pantyhose clad feet and legs. This makes me sad for you, and as your boss, it's up to me to reinvigorate you! I've got just the plan for doing that, too. Starting with my outfit. What do you think of my lovely smooth white pantyhose? See how there's no gusset, just a seam? And see how they're rather sheer once you look at them close up? Hmmmm? I bet you'd like me to kick off my high heels, wouldn't you? And maybe start stripping off some more, promising you all sorts of fun once your sales start looking healthier. Which will be in the VERY near future, won't it? I have faith in you