JOI 101



Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - Sit back, unzip, and relax what's stuffed in these tight biker shorts will do all of the talking. Okay, I open these full lips to spit some dirty JOI at you and my booty claps along. When I begin to peel down my tights after many nasty words and flirty moves, you bust on me unexpectedly. Yo my unpleasant surpise, there grown man surprise splattered all over your briefs. Smh, I thought you were following along. If you weren't then, you are now so you continue to stroke through the temptation. I fully peel down my tights so they're cupping my cheeks and start clapping that ass. That dick hears these cheeks calling and it's back at attention. Once I start spreading it a lot and wider you know I'm gearing p to count you down, Don't let that dick down before then :)   THIS CLIP ALSO MELTS THE MAN FONDU FOR: ASS SPREADING - JOI - ASSHOLE FETISH- BOOTY CLAPPING - TIGHTS FETISH - CUM COUNTDOWN - BEAUTYHOLE WINKING - DIRTY TALK