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Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at Y a h o o dot com <BR><BR> Featuring Angel Lee! <BR><BR> It's dirty in here and time to clean.  I'm sorry my tit fell out of my robe. They are large breasts but its not like Mama gets you hot and bothered. Why are you are squirming? Am I making you uncomfortable? <BR><BR> Now that your father is gone, I will need you here more. Mommy needs a man around and you are my big boy. <BR><BR> It's so messy and I need to crawl around the floor with my ass in the air to get all of the hard to reach spots. Honey, you don't mind the tiny thong peeking out?  When washing dishes, I lean over the sink on my tiptoes and arch my back. Were you staring at my feet and licking your lips? Are you hungry? <BR><BR> It's so hot and I strip this robe and rub my body. Does Mother have anything you desire? <BR><BR> Mama's going to take a break and put my feet up on the table while you do your homework. You can't stop staring at my feet and look nervous. I wish Daddy looked at me the way you do but I have you now! Maybe you can give me a foot massage later because you think I have the most beautiful soles! <BR><BR> I take care of my body and know you appreciate the hard work. It's time for some babyoil on my curvy body. I rub it in from the top of my large breasts down to my pointed toes. <BR><BR> Do you have a headache? Your head is throbbing and you look like you are losing your mind. From now on we need to keep your bedroom door open so I can make sure you are doing your homework. You will never know when I will show up! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- MILF, Momma's boy, older woman younger man, age regression, age play, ageplay, oil fetish, housecleaning, female domination, femdom, femdom POV, dirty talking, tease and denial, cocktease, strip tease, POV, barefoot, barefeet, foot fetish, foot worship POV, POV foot worship, blondes