Freebie Tuesday

Total Mindwipe


Kitzi Klown

Derry, Maine
16:44 min - Oct 29 - .MP4 - 781.10 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I'm competely wiping your mind clean. You will be reprogrammed to obey and serve the Circus. This is not a video for "dabblers" or those "testing the waters." This is a true br@1nwash. I will use my power and gorgeous clown body to control you. I will into.xicate you with my beauty, with drinkable spirits (go get a bottle) and those popping poppies you just looove snorting up your snoot. You will, jerk, huff, dri.nk, jerk, huff, until you're lost in an erotic haze. Your self-restraint doesn't stand a chance. You WANT me to melt your brain. You WANT me to make you cum hard while under my spell. YOU WANT ME TO CONTROL YOU COMPLETELY. You always have