Indian burps, eating rice & drynk Coke



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Sunday night. I don`t feel like cooking. Well, I never do, indeed. I am a lazy girl so I will ask for home delivery dinner. I know I shouldn´t at night but I feel like Indian food today. A crazy spicy dinner for my stomach, this may be my last dinner...! But I am a brave girl, let´s go... As you already know, I am the Queen of burpìng. My burps can be heard some miles away, my neighbours are frightened of me and Japanese want to film Godzilla movie with me as the M0nst3r. But this is really funny and you love joining me because my burps are legendary. This dinner is gonna be a bomb! I am in my pijama, I have not even brushed my hair, Sundays are for lazing around and chilling. Somebody told me once it is a real pleasure to see me eating, because I enjoy and taste every mouthful. She is right. When I add a Coke to go with my food, it definitely becomes a party. Yummy!! Chicken with almonds and cream, some basmati rice and butter indian bread too. This is insane. A sip of Coke and there it goes... my first burp for you! muahahahahahahah This is just the beginning. Do you want a little of my dinner? some rice maybe? Have some, come on... My belly will be swollen in some minutes, I soon will be stuffed like a turkey on Christmas´s Eve. English and Spanish spoken! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You are not afraid of exotic food... (but no bugs or crickets, haha) HIGHLIGHTED: My big smile shows my real happiness! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW