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Fetish Friday

Embracing Your Inner Cocksucker



American / Dallas, Texas
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You've been Dr. Petra Hunter's patient for months now, and as your therapist she finally thinks you're ready to hear the truth. It's time for you to embrace your inner cocksucker. Based off little things you've said here and there during previous therapy sessions, it's clear to Dr. Hunter that your life is ruled by cock. You know you don't deserve pussy or tits, and that thing between your legs is so small that you feel compelled to worship the cocks of superior men. It's okay to be a cocksucking beta male. In fact, Dr. Hunter brought some things with her today to help you embrace your inner cocksucker. Stroke that cock for your devious Doctor as you come to terms with your true nature. [Contains: Female Domination, Imposed Bi, Therapist Role Play, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Strap-On, Strap-On Worship