Squatting On Your Face Again

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OniOpa - Top reviewer Jul 5
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This is a great follow up to the previous video in the series. There's more dirty talk and it's more diverse -- parts of it weren't my style, but still amazing overall. A real bonus about this video compared to the first is when Ms. Cakes faces forward to the camera. You can really admire what a fantastic athletic body she has. This video has all the fun and sexy things going for it from the first one too -- I'd highly recommend it.

Full HD 1080p, Custom clip (no names used). I just finished a hot and sweaty workout, and couldn't help but notice you checking me out from the corner of my eye. Of course, I don't blame you... I know I look irresistible in my tight spandex booty shorts and sports bra. Now, I have you right where you belong - down at my feet, worshiping my beautiful toned body from head to toe. I know how much you love it when I flex my strong, powerful arms and tight abs, glistening with sweat... and of course, I saw you drooling all over yourself as you watched me doing squats earlier. Well, now you can have the privilege of laying there and worshiping my ass while I squat right over your face! And to really drive you crazy, I'll slowly strip out of my shorts, g-string and sports bra so you can worship my naked body in all its glory. Of course, there's no way in hell that I'd ever let a weak, pathetic man like you actually touch my perfect body. Guess you'll just have to lay there helplessly as I tease and tantalize you with my ass, hovering just inches away from your face. Go ahead and inhale the scent of my delicious ass sweat... and stick that tongue out, imagining how good it would taste. Your cock must be throbbing right now, wanting so badly to be inside my perfect tight pussy and asshole as I spread them open in front of your face. But too bad, all you can do now is go home and jack off, with the image of my ass forever in your mind. Check out my original "Squatting On Your Face" video here: www.manyvids.com/Video/43862/Squatting-On-Your-Face
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